Great web design can be the difference in gaining a new customer, or loosing one to your competitors.

It’s all about the user

user experienceEvery website is unique and faces it’s own challenges and solutions. Before we even think about what your website will look like, we take the time to consider how your web site will act. User experience is the name of the game. We make sure that your site is as easy, and efficient as possible to navigate so that your customers are satisfied with their experience and further build trust and appreciation in your company.

We design with purpose

web designAfter determining the usability and functionality of your site, we begin the design mockups. Our team of user interface specialist and graphic designers customize the look, feel and theme of each site specific to your company. Attention to detail is our priority. From colors and textures, to fonts, icons and images, we strive to create a consistent, eye catching site.

Coding is fun to us!

Once the design stage is completed our team of developers begin coding and trouble shooting the site. Because users are visiting your site from different devices, screen sizes and browsers, we make sure everything works perfectly, no matter where it’s being viewed from. It’s imperative that customers can reach you on their mobile devices. We can build you a responsive web site that works perfectly on any device, and also works very well with a mobile app.

Testing and debugging

Of course no site is complete until we test it out internally and externally. We sit people down and observe how they interact with the different features of the site. Based on their feedback, we make adjustments accordingly. During this stage we also work out any bugs and kinks that may still be lingering.

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