app features

What the heck is an app?

An App or Mobile Application is a program designed for a SmartPhone or Tablet such as the iPad. Generally Mobile Apps are in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. What this means is that customers can download your app on their phones and use it to complete tasks, check information and run functions.

How is my app designed?

Our team of designers and developers customize your mobile app according to your business needs and brand. We will show you how your app will look and allow for edits as needed. Our team of designers who develop your iPhone, Android or Smartphone App in all functionality and content will do so with the highest quality to your liking.

What type of features can I have?

Before designing any app, we sit down and discuss what your app is trying to accomplish. Depending on what your business needs are, we add features that would help not only promote your business, but more importantly, engage your customers. Some features include push notifications, ordering and reservation tabs, music playlist, contact forms, shopping carts, image galleries and information tabs.

Does my app work on all types of smart phones?

Yes. We create apps that will work on iOS and Android.

I have an app in the Google Play, now I want one in the Apple App Store. Can I upgrade?

Of course. Our plans are always customizable and can be upgraded or downgraded at anytime.

How long will it take until my app is available?

It usually takes our designer and developers about a week to complete your app. We then have to submit your app to the app stores. Android apps will be available within a 5-7 days of submission. iTunes apps can take between three to four weeks.

How does the mobile websites work?

We design your mobile website the same way we would design your app. After completion, we will give you a few lines of code that you insert in the Head tag on your current website. After that code is inserted, people visiting your website on their mobile phones will be redirected to the mobile version we designed.

I want to add a tab for selling merchandise, can I do that?

Yes. We have partnered with some pretty reputable sources to allow virtually any task or function to be completed. Some of these service providers include: Mailchimp, Flickr, Opentable, Wufoo, Paypal, Google Checkout, iTunes and many more.