Responsive web design is becoming increasingly more popular as businesses evolve and adjust to a larger mobile market. Because a large amount of searches are from people’s mobile device, it is very important for your companies website to adjust accordingly.

1) One website fits all. Rather than having one website for your desktop or laptop and another website for your mobile phone, responsive web design can adjust for all devices. Using CSS media queries, the layout of the website will adjust accordingly depending on what screen size you view it from. That means whether you are on an iPhone, Tablet, laptop or desktop, everything fits perfectly and stays consistent.

2) 17% of users purchase items from their mobile device. When people are searching using their mobile device, they generally know what they are looking for. You want them to land on your site and make it as easy, and efficient as possible to allow them to make a purchase.

3) Consistency and familiarity. Users like to feel comfortable when they are visiting a website. Because a responsive site has the same feel no matter what device the user is on, they will have a familiar experience when returning to your site from a different device. Because the design is consistent and they are familiar to it, they will be more inclined to trust your brand and be at ease when visiting your site.

4) Time and Money. Although a responsive website will cost you more than just a standard, run-of-the-mill site, it is much cheaper than having a second, mobile version created. Because only one site needs to be created, you can imagine that amount of time saved on design and development.

5) SEO. Google has been an advocate of responsive web design and are optimizing their search results with the most useful, relevant information. It is believed that having a responsive website will rank much better for people who search using their mobile devices.